GCSE Information

Wren Academy Qualifications

All Wren Academy students study a broad range of GCSE qualifications.  As far as possible, individual students are encouraged to take combinations of subjects which best meet their learning aptitudes and needs.  Additional qualifications are also provided to stretch the most able.

We aim to provide a balanced curriculum which will enable all students to reach their full potential and achieve qualifications which will lead them to succeeding in their studies post 16, in higher education and in employment.

GCSE Subject and Examination Boards


> Mathematics
> English Language
> English Literature
> Biology
> Chemistry
> Physics
> Combined Science Trilogy
> Additional Science
> French
> Geography
> History
> Religious Studies
> Spanish
> Drama
> Art and Design
> Computer Science
> Music
> Product Design
> Cambridge National in Sport Studies
> Business Studies

GCSE Subjects and Examination Boards

Additional Qualifications:

Other Forms of Learning at Wren

Every half term the normal curriculum is suspended for a day to allow a Focus Day to take place.  On Focus Days, students are given the opportunity to extend their learning into subject matters and learning styles they would not normally encounter in the classroom.  Through Focus Days we explore issues of health and personal wellbeing, higher education and careers, religion and philosophy and the Wren specialism.


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