OAA Cambridge National Assessment Trip Posted: 22/03/24

The day began with the high ropes course

The Year 10 Cambridge National Sports Studies students embarked on an exciting school trip that aimed to enhance their practical skills and teamwork abilities. The trip incorporated of two outdoor activities, high ropes and orienteering, which were chosen to align with the requirements of the Cambridge National Practical Assessment.

The day began with the high ropes course, a thrilling activity that pushed the students out of their comfort zones and encouraged them to conquer their fears. The students completed a tree top adventure course which offered a range of different obstacles and challenged along the way. The students needed to self-belay effectively and utilise their problem solving skills to complete the course. The students also completed a gladiator high ropes course where their aim is to get as high as possible. The students were equipped with safety gear and given comprehensive instructions by trained instructors. The high ropes course not only tested the students' physical strength and coordination but also promoted problem solving skills and effective communication. Working in pairs, the students learned to support and encourage each other as they navigated through the challenging elements. The experience fostered a sense of trust among the students and instilled a greater appreciation for teamwork and perseverance.

The students also engaged in an orienteering practical challenge. Orienteering involved navigating through a predefined course using a map and compass. The course was carefully designed to incorporate diverse terrains and checkpoints that required the students to apply their map reading skills and decision making abilities.

Once the students were briefed to gain an understanding of the surroundings, they were given an opportunity to set up their own orienteering course. This was a great opportunity for them to develop and demonstrate their navigation skills. The students worked in small groups and lead their route and session to the remainder of the group to develop their leadership skills.

The trip provided valuable learning opportunities for the Year 10 students, aligning with the objectives of the Cambridge National Practical Assessment. The activities enhanced their practical skills, including physical coordination, problem-solving and decision making, while promoting teamwork, communication and resilience.