Attendance and Punctuality

The Importance of school attendance

Wren Academy has high expectations of attendance for every student from the moment they join the Academy.  Students are provided with high quality provision at Wren Academy and therefore attendance is necessary to ensure that your child benefits fully from the learning opportunities on offer.

Students who attend the Academy regularly will achieve their full potential. Not only does school provide high quality learning experiences to enrich children’s lives, but also provides numerous opportunities for students to develop social skills and to grow into well-rounded individuals.

Having good attendance means students will benefit greatly from these aspects of school life.  However, students with poor attendance tend to achieve less in both the primary and secondary phase.  Missing school leaves students vulnerable to falling behind.  Not only does this affect academic attainment, but those with poor attendance can often feel left out, find it hard to make friends, feel insecure and lack confidence.  Their overall attitude to learning can be inhibited; behavioural problems may develop and their health and wellbeing may be affected.

The school day

The Academic day is split into morning and afternoon sessions.  If your child is absent for the whole day this is classed as two sessions.

What to do if your child cannot attend school

If your child is going to be absent, you must inform us by 8.35am on the first day of absence and every day thereafter. Absences should reported by email using the appropriate email address:

Years 7 – 11 - 

Sixth Form –

Primary –

Please state the following in your email:

Your child’s full name

Your child’s year group and tutor group

Reason for absence

Emails about attendance should not be sent to First Contact or direct to individual staff members, as they will take longer to be processed and may result in you receiving a truancy text.

Medical Appointments

Appointments, where possible, should be made outside of school hours or in the holiday period.  If this is unavoidable, your child should still attend school before and/or after the appointment.

Emergency appointments will be authorised with supporting evidence.  All referred appointments must be made in advance and be supported by an appointment letter in order to authorise any missed sessions.  We understand that it can be hard to obtain medical evidence on occasion, so a medical confirmation card will also be accepted as evidence.

If your child has an appointment please inform the Attendance Officer of the following information:

  • Child’s Name
  • Child’s Year and Form Group/Class
  • Date of the appointment
  • What time they will arrive to the Academy or time they will need to depart

Leave of absence in term time

Holidays are not permitted during term time and, if taken, will be recorded as an unauthorised absence on the student’s permanent record.

Any request for student leave of absence in term time will be considered by the Executive Principal or Primary Headteacher.  In making this decision the school will consider the circumstances of each application individually, including any previous pattern of leave in term time and the attendance record to date.

Where a student’s attendance is already below 97% permission is unlikely to be given.

If you do need to request leave of absence during term time please complete the form below.  Any additional information or permission forms, need to be emailed or handed in to the Attendance Officer separately.

Contact Information

020 8492 6000 please press option 1

020 8492 6000 ext. 6001

Request for Leave of Absence

Request for Leave of Absence
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