Learning Power


Learning at Wren

At Wren Academy we want to develop our students into lifelong learners, equipped for the challenges of living in a rapidly changing society. Inside and outside of the classroom we intentionally create opportunities for our young people to develop six characteristics that we believe will enable them to ‘live life to the full’.


Solving problems, stewarding resources and exercising creativity


Self-aware, empathetic, collaborative and able to recognize boundaries


Showing determination, focus and hope when facing challenges and disappointments


 Appreciating awe and wonder, valuing others and having humility


Thoughtful, strategic and willing to revise plans


Forgiving, learning from mistakes and living in a sustainable way


Our vision for the formation of these 6Rs is drawn from our Christian ethos and ‘Building Learning Power’. You can read more about our ethos here http://secondary.wrenacademy.org/50/our-aims-vision-and-ethos

Building Learning Power is...

  • based on belief that the skill of learning can itself be learned
  • about the whole person – qualities, values, self-image, relationships, skills and strategies
  • about better life chances for young people

Wren students are introduced to the concept of the BLP learning muscles as part of our focus on the 6Rs outlined above. The four Rs drawn directly from BLP are being resilient, relational (often called reciprocity in BLP literature), resourceful and reflective.

All lessons are planned with specific learning objectives to develop one or more of the learning muscles. In this way, there is an explicit focus on how learning is taking place as well as what learning takes place. Lessons are regularly observed by teachers and student observers who then discuss the learning.

Learning is celebrated regularly in assemblies, with an award for student learner of the week and staff learner of the week. The awards are a result of nominations by students and staff.


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