ParentPay is the online payment system allowing Parents and Carers to make online payments to the Academy in a safe and timely manner.  It is a widely used system in many schools; the software is easy to use and payments are easily made using either a debit or credit card.  There is no charge to the card user.

By clicking on the link below you will be asked for your ParentPay login and password which will have been sent to you separately.  When these are entered you will be presented with a list of the relevant payments which apply to your child.  You can select whether to top up lunch money onto our swipe card system, or to pay for a trip or even equipment, such as calculators or revision guides.

Should you have any queries or require that your logon details are reissued, please contact us by email in the first instance and the relevant member of staff will be in touch.  Our email is

Click here for the ParentPay login page.