Values and the Wider Curriculum

Values and the Wider Curriculum

Wren recognises the importance of ensuring young people understand and appreciate the core British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance towards those of different faiths.  Our policy on British Values can be found here

In all lessons, we make the most of opportunities to discuss these principles through our philosophy towards Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education (SMSC).  Please click here for details of how teachers are encouraged to plan for SMSC in their lessons.

The promotion of British Values at Wren also takes place through a range of other activities specifically designed to incorporate these aspects.  These activities include:

The Wider Curriculum

At Wren Academy, we firmly believe that every experience young people have at school contributes to their wider education and to their preparation for adult life.  This means that, whilst what happens in lessons is of fundamental importance, we will also stress the need for the highest standards elsewhere in the school day.

Consequently, punctuality to school and between lessons is much valued at Wren.  Students are encouraged to be on time and helped to understand the consequences of not being on time.  Movement in corridors and other public spaces is orderly and considerate.  Students are not expected to be silent around the Academy but they are encouraged to be caring and aware of the needs of others.  

Our high expectations stretch to behaviour on the way to and from school.  Students are very aware that they are representing Wren whenever they wear the Academy uniform.  Representing the school well in the local community is extremely important.


Relationships between members of the Wren Community are exceptionally good.  Staff role model positive relationships, both between one another and with the students.  Both staff and students use our Restaurant to socialise and relax at breaks and lunchtimes.  Staff seek ways of resolving differences constructively, leading to high quality relationships which foster an atmosphere of consideration and mutual respect.

Rules and Discipline

Students at Wren enjoy a calm and secure environment where they are free to move about the Academy, spend time with their friends and express themselves.  This environment is possible because of our strong disciplinary code. At Wren, discipline will not be an end in itself.  Rather it helps create a school where students are able to develop their individual talents happily and safely.

The application of our behaviour policy is always educative and based on restorative justice.  Students are helped to reflect upon and learn from their mistakes.  We will place significant emphasis upon restorative justice in helping to resolve conflict and in ensuring that young people learn from their experiences.

Focus Days

On one day every half term, the normal curriculum is suspended for one of our Focus Days.  On these days, students have the opportunity to learn in depth about key social and moral themes.  Our citizenship, health and information and guidance curriculums will be largely delivered through Focus Days.

Focus Days give us the chance to deliver this content in an in depth way, allowing students the opportunity to reflect, to think deeply and to discuss.  Focus Days frequently feature trips and external visitors in order to broaden and deepen students' learning experiences.

Assemblies and Tutorials

As a Church of England Academy, the collective act of worship is an integral component of our weekly assemblies and daily tutorial activities.  We focus on a religious and/or moral theme for each week which is emphasised in assemblies, then followed up by tutors with their groups.  Each week, tutors will be given a set of centrally generated resources upon which to base their tutorial activities.

Tutorial activities are planned to encourage students to reflect and to give their opinions about issues.

The House System

We have six houses all named after churches designed by Wren himself or under his auspices.  These are:


Each tutor group is given the opportunity to elect its own house representative who then serves on the house council representing the views of the group.  Proposals from each individual house council will be raised to a combined house council which will meet regularly with the Principal and members of the Academy Leadership Team.  Our Sixth Form also has house leaders who oversee the published programme of activities and help to organise and motivate their houses.  Ideas from the house councils are always discussed and whenever possible they are put into action.

Student Voice

Powerful and purposeful Student Voice is a central element of our philosophy at Wren.  Each subject department at Wren has a group of student curriculum advisors.  These students meet regularly with staff in the department and give feedback on areas for change and improvement.  Another key role is that of student interviewer.  All teachers invited to interview for a job at Wren, must meet with a student panel as part of the assessment process.  The insights given by the students are invariably very useful in helping to find the right candidate.