Year 13 Biologist Fieldwork Trip Posted: 21/10/22

Year 13 Biologists visited Epping Forest to complete their required practical fieldwork.

On Thursday 13 October, Year 13 Biologists visited Epping Forest to complete their required practical fieldwork. Whilst visiting the site, students completed a workshop about the most effective ways to conduct ecological studies and carried out their own studies of species abundance across a transect, using random sampling methods. The data collected was then used in a statistical analysis to draw conclusions about the environments they had studied. Having learned about these ideas in the classroom, students were keen to apply this in the real world.

The session was led by experienced ecologists with a wealth of experience to share with our students. Year 13 developed new skills, such as species identification and use of various types of quadrats.

Epping Forest is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), providing a multitude of plant, animal and fungi species to study. Students identified wild sorrel, species of thistle and observed mushrooms during their visit.

The students really enjoyed the opportunity to engage in ecological research as you can see by reading their comments below:

The Biology trip to Epping Forest was very insightful and informative. It enabled myself and other students to experience the ecological side of Biology from a different setting. Akbar A, 13 Holborn

The trip to Epping Forest was very interactive as well as being extremely education. The weather made the trip even more enjoyable as we were able to enjoy nature. Adam R, 13 Ludgate

It was nice being outdoors; a different setting than our classroom. It allowed us to put our knowledge into practice, deepening our understanding. It was an exciting experience, trekking through tall brackens and brambles trying to test our hypothesis. Veronika B, 13 Ludgate

Overall, students were successful in completing their required practical, and the forest provided an opportunity to truly connect with the concepts learnt in the classroom.