GCSE Results 2021 Posted: 12/08/21

Outstanding GCSE Results

Our Wren Academy community is celebrating another set of outstanding GCSE results.

38% of grades attained were 9-8s (equivalent to A*)

54% of all grades were between 9-7 (A*-A)

95% of grades were between 9-4 (A*-C)

Attainment 8 score of 67.58

An unofficial Progress 8 score of +1.2

We are proud of all our students who made fantastic progress and achieved their potential. However, special mention needs to be made of students who attained seven or more grade 9s:

Zoe E (9 9s) 

Istara D (8 9s)

Josh l (8 9s)

Rin I (8 9s)

Abi F (7 9s)

Veronika B (7 9s)

Zach S (7 9s)

Georgia M (7 9s)

Samantha A (7 9s)

The following students have made the most outstanding progress since primary school:

Akbar A K

Rhianna-Mary J

Samantha A

Erika N-K


Rin I

Veronika B

Eva B

Bano C

David-Nathan O

Jessica A

Rosanna B

Kiana R P

Mikolaj P

Jessica K