Performing Arts trip to New York Posted: 28/02/17

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take 31 of our sixth formers to New York in half term. The time spent on the trip was truly enjoyable for all and we packed the days full of tourist activities, shopping and the arts opportunities available to us in this amazing city.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take 31 of our sixth formers to New York in half term.  The time spent on the trip was truly enjoyable for all and we packed the days full of tourist activities, shopping and the arts opportunities available to us in this amazing city.

The students were really just fabulous throughout. Their boundless energy, positivity (even when walking 13 miles a day!) and creativeness was such a pleasure to witness. Personal highlights for me were the stage combat workshop (watch this space for impromptu performances around the Academy!), the top of the Rockafeller centre by night, the incredible Genie in Aladdin on Broadway and our students dancing for three hours at Ellen’s Stardust Diner!  The waiters enjoyed their company so much we were able to stay at our table all evening so we could enjoy the stunning performances.  I feel privileged to have shared this experience with our wonderful sixth formers and thank all involved for making it such a once in a lifetime experience.

Sophie Leader

Head of Performing Arts

New York 2k17 4 student accounts….

Our experience in New York City was one in which we will never forget.  Experiencing the Big Apple really is an understatement as we didn't anticipate the sheer scale of the city and its great treasures.  Such as Radio City; we were lucky enough get a backstage tour and even meet one of the iconic Rockettes!  This was one of the many places we got to visit in the day.  One of our favourite experiences, which I'm sure we can all agree on was ‘Ellen's Stardust Diner’ from the moment we walked in we were greeted with the outbursts and spontaneous singing of Broadway’s greatest hits.  Not only did it fit to the taste of a bunch of drama kids it even bought a smile to Mr Hussein!  The teachers seemed to be enjoying the diner more than we were as Ms Ablett took the mic and bought the singing of Wren Academy to New York City!

Our days in New York were numbered so we made sure we packed each day with a full schedule of activities where we were never left bored or feeling as if we were missing out.  This being said we were still given more than enough free time to do what we wanted … SHOPPING!!!!  The countless Sephora shop spotting and being lost in the maze which is Macy’s left us with very heavy cases and very light purses.  Another necessity that New York encouraged was buying more storage on our cameras and phones.  Anyone could spot us in the huge city just by the way we were taking a photo of anything and everything, from every yellow taxi to every skyscraper; we definitely have a full set of photos to remind us of what a great time we had in New York.

However not everything could be captured on film, such as Broadway’s Aladdin; a group of preforming art students in a theatre ‘quietly’ singing along to every song seemed like a good idea but we are sure the New Yorkers may think otherwise!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers involved with making this trip possible and for putting up with a group of 31 excited teenagers wanting to run around the streets of Manhattan.  We also promise that one day we will get our numbers right and try to meet at the check point on time…!  This truly was a trip to never forget and we highly encourage you, if you get the opportunity, to definitely take advantage of the cultural experiences and memories this trip has to offer.

Ayotobi Omiteru, Sophia Georghiou and Jessica Barry

Year 12

The United States of America is known around the world as the centre of cinematic achievement.  Thus, it was therefore very fitting that throughout our trip, we embarked upon many experiences similar to those portrayed on American film.  The first of these was the plane journey, which thankfully not very dramatic, did allow for us to have our first taste of food from across the proverbial pond.  However, I must say that the gastronomic standards on our Delta flight were less “classic American diner” and more, “Shawshank Redemption prison meal.”  Despite this initial transatlantic disappointment, the culinary standards improved soon after our arrival amongst the snow-capped Big Apple skyscrapers. We left our baggage at the hotel and powered through the post-voyage tiredness toward our first attraction.  Upon arrival in Times Square, we were left with no shortage of things to marvel at; a vast, tempting expanse of neon-tinged consumerism that sent a few fingers diving into pockets in search of dollar-filled wallets.

Once we had made our way through the New York equivalent of Piccadilly-Circus-on-steroids, we settled down for our first proper meal of the trip.  It was set to be the first of three gloriously calorific and indulgent dinners – in retrospect, it is easy to see why America struggles with an obesity epidemic.  After eating, it is safe to say that we were all eager to return to our beds for the night.

Over the next few days, we braved the unrelenting cold weather and visited a plethora of interesting places.  Be it hundreds of metres in the air atop the Empire State Building, or hurtling down the icy slopes of Central Park on makeshift sleds, every moment in NYC was one to savour.  Be it overeager mixtape peddlers or the stereotypically undiplomatic and gruff New Yorkers, every encounter with the people we met was one to remember.  Be it a rendition of a famous Broadway musical number in Ellen’s Stardust Diner or an impatient “hey, I’m walkin’ here!” from an angry passer-by, everything we heard along the way will remain unforgettable.  But most of all, thanks to the brilliant company and camaraderie of the students, and the selfless coordination from the teachers, what was a short trip is sure to remain etched into our memories for a lifetime.

Cameron Camina Year 12