General Information


P1000453 smWelcome to the parents' section of the Wren Academy website.  In this section you will find information which will hopefully be of interest and use to you.  We have sought to include information we think will be of value to parents and to present it in a way which makes it straightforward.  We are always looking for ways of communicating with our parents more effectively.  If there are things that are difficult to find in this section of the website then please let us know.  Alternatively, if there is information not present here which you would like to see on the website then, once again, please let us know.

Michael Whitworth
Executive Principal

Accessing the Academy

The entrance for all students is via the gate situated on Woodhouse Road at the top corner of the field nearest to Bramber Road. Students will then follow the path through the field to the school site.

All other visitors to the site, including parents and carers, should use the entrance on the corner of Hilton Avenue and Woodhouse Road where they will be let in by the Reception team.

If you drop your child off by car, please do so in plenty of time along Woodhouse Road so that students do not need to rush to be on time. Please ensure that students alight well away from the Academy entrance and definitley not on the zigzag road markings. May we also request that parents or carers do not drive down Hilton Avenue.  There is only a small turning circle for cars and the space is unable to cope with significant numbers of vehicles.  Your support is much appreciated.

Contacting the Academy and staff

If you do have any questions or concerns then please phone and make an appointment.  We are more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns with you.

The telephone number is 020 8492 6000. First contact queries by phone will be dealt with by our receptionist Lorraine Stretton who will be able to direct the query to the most appropriate member of staff.  

You can of course email us too at: