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GCSE Results for Year 11 in 2016

We are delighted to report that the Year 11 students of 2016 achieved the Academy's highest ever GCSE results. Some of the headline figures are included below and these are a credit to the efforts of the students, parents and teachers who all contributed and supported to make these results possible. These great results have also aided our recruitment into Wren Academy Sixth Form with over 40 more students enrolling at the start of term than last year.  We are also pleased to note that many of our highest achieving students have decided to continue their studies at Wren.
- +0.78 Progress 8 (0 is the national average)
-  61.7 Attainment 8 (48.5 is the national average)
-  88% Pupils achieving Grade C or better in English and maths GCSEs
-  56% Pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate
-  84% of students attained 5 A*-C including English and mathematics
-  40% of students attained 5 A*-A

GCSE Results for Year 11 in 2015

Year 11 students achieved the Academy's highest ever GCSE results. 

- 83% of students attained 5 A*-C including English and mathematics
- 38% of students attained 5 A*-A
-  64% of students attained the English Baccalaureate
- 1042.5 Value Added (1000 - national average)
- 88% of students made at least 3 levels of progress in English
- 96% of students made at least 3 levels of progress in maths

A Level Results 2016

Wren Academy are pleased to report continued success with our second cohort of A Level students.  Many of these students have gone on to study at a wide range of prestigious universities including Oxford, Durham, Bath, Bristol, Kings and York. The percentage of students going to Russell Group and Top 20 institutions has increased, as has entry into Oxbridge and university entry more widely.

Amongst the highest achievers include Louis James, Ollie James, Raj Goulden, Sean Beggan, Nicholas Davison, Isobel Allen, Aiste Karnisauskaite, Emily Foster, Jay Makani and Rahatil Chowdhury.  
We also place a huge emphasis on student progress and the following students also performed exceptionally well based on their KS4 results; Nicolas Nicholas, Seena Nadri, Talha Mallick, Ayman Said, Jasper Crockford, and Nikyle Bakrania.
The A Level results and destinations are a credit to the hard work and determination of our students.  Along the way they have been superbly supported by both parents and Wren Academy staff alike.  We are confident that students joining Wren Academy Sixth Form are taught and supported to enable them achieve their potential and have the highest possible aspirations.

A Level Results 2015

Wren Academy achieved some spectacular successes with our first ever set of A Level results.  Everyone at the school is delighted that our inaugural group of Year 13 students have done so well with 27% of grades being either A* or A.

Amongst many high achievers, Julius Burke-Perrin, Ahmer Khalil, Sam Markovic, Peter Siekkeris, Andreas Christoforou, Romil Depala, Fred Newman, Melika Moghim, Vishal Gaglani and Tahir Hussein all gained a combination of A* and A grades.

We are excited that many of our students will be heading off to the country's most prestigious universities including Oxford, LSE, UCL, Durham, Warwick and SOAS. A high proportion of students are heading off to Russell group universities, and it is thrilling that a number of them have gained places on highly competitive courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Law and History. We are also very pleased that students have gained entry into some prestigious creative arts institutions such as Central Saint Martins and Mountview Academy.

The A Level results and the universities that our students will be attending are above all a tribute to our amazing students and all of their enterprise and commitment over the last seven years.  The results are, however, also a huge endorsement for Wren Academy itself.  The school and its staff have proved that they can deliver the very best results at A Level and demonstrated that the Wren sixth form is an excellent choice for any ambitious young person.

Sixth form registration for students new to Wren begins at 10.30am on Thursday 20 August.  Please come in or call Reception if you are interested in a place.

AS Results 2014

The first ever cohort of Wren Academy AS students received their examination results on 14 August, 2014.  The results showed an excellent performance from the students with some exceptional successes.  Almost 40% of our students achieved A or B grades in their AS examinations.

Key Stage 4 Results 2014

The headlines from Wren Academy's 2014 GCSE results are again impressive with 77% of Year 11 students achieving 5 x A*-C grades including English and maths. Most importantly, students at the Academy have achieved a high 'value added' score of 1043 which puts them in the top 4% of schools nationally. This indicates that many students have exceeded the predictions made of them based on their primary school results. Progress in English and maths for children of all abilities continues to be excellent. 90% of students in English and 83% in maths made expected progress or better. This compares with national progress rates of 70% in English and 65% in maths. Our highest attaining students did particularly well, with a third of all results being graded at A or A*. 11% of all GCSE results were graded A*.

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) is a performance measure (not a qualification). The measure shows where pupils have secured a C grade or above across a core of academic subjects at Key Stage 4 and enables parents and pupils to see how their school is performing. 50% of Wren students achieved the EBacc compared with 24% nationally. 

The EBacc is made up of the following subjects:

  • English
  • mathematics
  • history or geography
  • the sciences
  • a language

In 2014, 77% of students were eligible for the EBacc; of these students 65% achieved the EBacc (50% of the whole cohort). 

GCSE Results 2013

GCSEs (or equivalents) including English and maths: percentage achieving 5 A*-C - 80%

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