Attendance and punctuality

Good attendance is perhaps the most important factor in successful learning.  At Wren Academy, students are encouraged to have 100% attendance.  Students arriving after 9.30 am will be counted as absent.

If your child is absent then you must telephone the Academy office by 8.35 am on the first day of absence.  If your child is absent for more than three days, you must send a note to the office on the third day of absence explaining why they are away.  Please also write a note in your child’s planner when your child returns from the absence.

Parents are requested not to arrange family holidays or visits during term time.  Applications for such visits will not be approved and will count as unauthorised absence.  If you wish to request leave of absence during term time, please obtain a blue form from Reception and return it for the Principal to consider.

Punctuality is essential if your child is going to make the most of their learning.  Unless your child is taking part in a before school activity, they must be at their tutor room or assembly room by 8.35 am.  If they arrive after 8.35 am, but before 8.55 am, students must report to their tutor room where they will be marked late.  If students arrive after 8.55 am, they must report to the Student Services office before going to their lessons.  Students will be required to make up all learning time lost through lateness.


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