Whole Academy Reading Project

Welcome to the Wren Whole Academy Reading Project – when the whole Academy community reads the same book during the month of December! The idea is to all read the same book and write a short review. There will then be a series of related activities in January which parents can be involved in as well.

For the last few years we have organised a Whole Academy Reading Project which involves the whole Academy community reading the same book. We believe it is a very positive experience for parents and carers to read the same book as their children. Books we have read in the past Include Wonder (Palacio) and Gone (Gleitzman)

Last year we read Around the World in Eighty Days which involved the Y12 & Y13 A Level French students reading it in the original French.

This year we have decided to run the project slightly differently as we want to involve the primary children as well.

The secondary community will be encouraged to read the narrative poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes and the primary community The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson. 

Highwayman  Highway Rat             

The original poem is widely available both in print and online. See below for the link.


There are also a numbers of readings of The Highwayman on YouTube.

An animated version of The Highway Rat is on TV over Christmas voiced by David Tennant and you should also be able to find a version of this online.

Lets try and all read this poem over the Christmas break.

Look out for themed activities in January.



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