Year 9 GCSE Preferences Information

Students and parents should look at the subject information sheets below in order to find out about the GCSE courses on offer.

In these sheets you will find out about what is being studied, how the course is assessed, why you might study that subject and possible career paths. There is also a link to the exam board website and the name of the Head of Department if you require further information.

If you have any general enquiries about the preferences process please contact Robert Davighi, Vice Principal, by email



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- a site that shows the links between what people study and what they go on to do for jobs later.

- government site which provides CV builder, career planning, course search advice etc.

- site with videos and information about different careers. 

- site with lots of videos showing case studies of people doing real jobs and talking about how they got there. Also the option to log in and activate a search tool.