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The Final Straight

22 April 2016

We are nearing the end of our primary build project.  The scheme is due to be complete by the end of May at which point all of the new building will become ours.

Things are a little inconvenient at present as the project enters its final month.  Our students, staff and neighbours have been very patient.  Much of our playground is still out of use as it forms part of the builders' compound and the students have coped brilliantly with the reduced space.  Neighbours have had to put up with lots of building traffic, which hopefully will begin to diminish over the next few weeks.  Our staff have had to endure the saga of our uncooperative car park gates which have been very temperamental.  As a result, the new car park has been out of use for several days over the last couple of months.  We continue to work on rectifying these problems and hopefully will sort them out soon.

These frustrations aside, we are looking forward to being given a fantastic new building shortly.  The new primary phase joins onto our secondary building and will enable us to achieve our vision of a truly all through school at which young people can receive a Wren education from the ages of four to 18.  The building is designed to allow children in Years 5 and 6 of primary school to work regularly with students in Years 7 and 8.  This will help prepare the younger children for secondary school and also allow teachers to wrok across the primary and secondary age groups.  We believe these plans will help make Wren a truly exceptional all through school.

Whilst the new primary building will be a great asset to Wren, it is worth mentioning that the project has been funded through grants from Barnet Council and central government to cope with increased demand for primary school places in the area.  This is separate from the annual revenue funding we receive to run the school which is used to pay staff and purchase teaching resources.  Observers might assume that because of our primary building  Wren is in some way better funded than other schools, this is not the case.  Whilst we are delighted with and grateful for our new build, the ongoing financial challenges facing us still remain.

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