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  • The Extra Mile

    7 October 2014
    I heard at a conference recently about the additional experiences which the best schools should provide for their students.  I think Wren does very well against this checklist:

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  • Camp

    18 September 2014
    I returned this morning from a stay at our first ever Year 7 residential camp. The camp grew out of an idea we had last year that all of our new Year 7 students should be given an early opportunity to bond with each other and to get to know staff better. We concluded that this was probably best done away from Wren and so our plan to take the students to Phasel's Wood in Hertfordshire began to take shape. 

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  • Baroque

    23 January 2013
    Competition for entry to the best universities is fierce.  It is often no longer enough for applicants to rely on their examination results when so many young people are lining up rows of A* and A grades at GCSE and A Level.  Increasingly, top universities are looking beyond examination results as they endeavour to judge a young person’s potential.  Wider experiences, knowledge and interests become more important as admissions tutors try to differentiate between numerous talented candidates all with similar examination potential.

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