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  • A Christmas Selection Box

    15 December 2016
    School funding It is difficult to see much good in the Government's announcement today (14 December) on the new national funding formula for schools.  The formula, to be introduced from two years hence, is proclaimed as being the answer to inequalities in funding between schools in different parts of England. 

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  • The Final Straight

    22 April 2016
    We are nearing the end of our primary build project.  The scheme is due to be complete by the end of May at which point all of the new building will become ours.

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  • Planning for Primary

    4 June 2014
    Much of my thinking recently has been occupied with planning for our prospective development into an 'all through' school from September 2015.  As things stand, from this date Wren will accept two classes of Reception children into a brand new building to be constructed on our site during the next 15 months.  Over the subsequent six years from 2015, we will take on new Reception classes each year until the Wren primary wing finally builds up to 420 students by 2022.

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