Showcase and Outreach

Wren Academy Judged Outstanding by OFSTED

Hear From: Teaching staff and Academy students about their approach to learning and how this has contributed towards the school being graded as outstanding.

See for yourself: How Building Learning Power has enabled a brand new school to transform learning and teaching in every lesson.

Reflect on: How creating a coordinated focus on learning is essential to improve student motivation and develop a strong learning culture for all.


Many schools are interested in how BLP has transformed and shaped the learning culture at Wren Academy. We receive a steady stream of requests from senior leaders and teachers from other schools who wish to visit Wren Academy to find out more about our approach to learning and how we have been able to attain an outstanding learning focused OFSTED report.


To meet the many requests we receive, we organise BLP Show Case Days each term. These are carefully prepared days where a number of delegates can visit the Academy and see outstanding learning in action. The days consist of BLP training, galleried BLP lessons and seminars jointly led by Wren staff and students. These days are tailored to meet the needs of the delegates and can incorporate particular subjects or aspects of Academy life.

Teaching and Learning Consultancy

A number of staff at Wren have been trained to visit other schools and carry out learning evaluations. These are a health check on the learning culture of the school, examining what goes on in lessons and also the whole learning culture of the institution. The evaluations are then used to devise an action plan which enhances the learning culture across the school and embeds BLP at the heart of the institution.

We are currently involved in working with a range of schools to help them develop and improve their teaching and learning. Our expertise in learning and BLP has meant that we can offer insightful support which can be used to improve the quality of learning in an institution.

Areas where we have been able to help include:

  • Strategic leadership of Learning
  • Planning of Learning
  • Subject-Specific Support
  • Organisational structure
  • Developing the curriculum
  • Building effective teams

Please contact Joanna Harrington if you wish to talk to someone at Wren Academy about any of the above outreach programmes.



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