Wren Academy Governing Body

Wren is a sponsor Academy.  Our main sponsor is the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS) and our co-sponsor is Berkhamsted School.  Together, sponsor representatives form a majority of members on the Governing Body.

The Governors are responsible for the strategic leadership of the Academy.  They also monitor our key targets to make sure they are met, offering the Academy Leadership Team challenge and support.  Governors also carry out a range of other duties in the Academy such as serving on panels to consider parental concerns or attending student disciplinary hearings.

As an Academy, Wren has a slightly smaller Governing Body than most local authority schools. Our Governing Body is made up as follows:

  • 6 Governors nominated by the LDBS
  • 2 Governors nominated by Berkhamsted School
  • 3 co-opted Governors (co-opted Governors are selected by the Governing Body itself)
  • 1 Governor nominated by the local authority (this Governor serves a four year term of office)
  • 1 Governor elected by parents (this Governor serves a three year term of office).
  • 1 Governor elected by staff (this Governor serves a three year term of office).

The Executive Principal serves as a Governor.

The Governing Body is also able to appoint Associate Governors according to need.  These colleagues attend Governors' meetings but do not have voting rights. Please click here to see Financial statements giving information on Governors' dates of appointment, business interests and attendance at governing body and committee meetings.


Ms Kim Archer
Chair of Governors
LDBS Sponsor Governor

Mrs Helen Foster
Parent Governor

Contact can be made with the Chair or Parent Governor via the Academy's address:

Wren Academy
Hilton Avenue
N12 9HB
or by e-mail via

Mrs Sylvia Duthie
Vice Chair
LDBS Sponsor Governor

Mrs Mel Adams
LDBS Sponsor Governor

Mr Richard Backhouse
Berkhamsted School Sponsor Governor

Miss Bejal Patel
Staff Governor

Ms Oliva Ellah
LDBS Governor

Ms Karina Parekh
Associate Governor

Mr Chris Kiernan
Local Authority Governor

Mr Andrew Noel
Co-opted Governor

Mr Peter Nicholls
Berkhamsted School Sponsor Governor

Mr Marc Rawcliffe
Co-opted Governor

Mrs Linda Turner
LDBS Sponsor Governor

Mr Gavin Smith

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