Exam Results

Exam Results 2017

In only our second year of A Level results, Wren Academy students have produced an exceptional performance.  This year's results are a significant improvement upon the high standard set in 2015 with over 95% of students in Year 13 achieving three good A Level results.

A level results 2016

Amongst the very high overall results were some outstanding individual performances. Nicholas Davidson achieved an A* and three A grades and Louis James two A* grades and an A.  Sean Began, Raj Goulden and Ben Graham achieved an A* and two A grades whilst Jay Makani gained three As.  These are only a few examples of the performances our students are celebrating.

The Academy is also delighted that the progress made by our A Level students during the course of their studies is positive and once again an improvement upon last year.  This is an important statistic for us as it shows that Wren students are achieving grades above those expected of them when they join the sixth form.
We are particularly pleased by our AS Level results in Year 12 which show the continuing his upward trajectory of students' performance as the Academy's Sixth Form becomes more established.
Year 12 have achieved our best ever set of AS results with a 4% increase in the percentage of A*-B grades since last year and an 8% increase in the percentage of A*-C grades.  We are also very pleased with the the excellent academic progress made by our Year 12 students, the Academy's best ever.  This performance bodes well for some excellent A Level results in 2017.
Students who have done well include Austin Endo with four A grades, Alex Thomas with three A grades and a B, Kofo Ajala, with two A grades and two B grades and also Christina Anagnosti with two A grades and a B.
For more details on our results, together with the university destinations our students will be moving on to, please click here.