International Link School

Wren Academy has a growing link with Church Army Academy, a school in Nairobi, Kenya.

CA Teachers

Wren Year 7 students have exchanged letters with students from Kenya and we are fundraising to provide bursaries so students from slums areas can be educated at the Church Army school.

About Church Army Academy


Church Army Academy is a co-educational day school comprising a Kindergarten and Primary. It is located within the compound of the Church Army Africa Headquarters in Nairobi.  It seeks to transform the community by providing quality and holistic education at an affordable fee. Current the school operates with around 650 children most of them from poor areas.

CA Academy offers the Kenyan 8-4-4 system of education.  Extra subjects offered include French, swimming, computers and other life skills. The curriculum and educational philosophy of the school emphasise the holistic development of learners, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and technologically.

Why have a link school?

We believe that students from both Academies will grow in their understanding of the world through the link. At Wren we want students to develop into young people who understand the variety and complexity of the world, who can appreciate cultures other than their own and are concerned about issues of development and justice.

We have chosen to link with CA Academy for a number of reasons:

  • Both Academies are growing schools in a suburb of their capital
  • Both are Anglican schools with a clear Christian ethos
  • Both serve socially and culturally diverse student communities
  • Both Academies have a clear commitment to excellence in academic achievement and to developing the whole person


Linking with CA Academy also has a number of practical benefits.

  • Our link school’s sponsorship by Church Army Africa gives transparency, credibility and accountability to its work. This is particularly important for us as we raise money for student bursaries.
  • Church Army Academy is part of a wider educational campus including a theological college and business school, as well as Church Army Africa’s HQ, giving access to reliable internet links for communication and, more importantly, to educators with the skills to help teams reflect on their cross-cultural experiences.
  • The campus site offers secure accommodation for visiting teams.

We are excited by the developing link of friendship and support between our schools. Click here to see photos from my recent visit to Nairobi in preparation for the team visiting in the autumn.

David Booker
March 2015